St Giles Park

As I am sure that you will all agree we are very fortunate that our children are able to be members of Cringleford JFC and play football at a such a wonderful club which is not only fantastically run but also provides an all inclusive community. We have over the years continued to grow and have many teams at all different age groups, however this does come with some challenges not least of all the venue that we call home; Cringleford Recreation Ground which we are close to outgrowing. With lots of hard work behind the scenes the club has the opportunity to relocate to a purpose built new venue that we literally are able to shape from the ground up by voicing our opinion via the planning process. Please could I ask you to read the below words from Nick Skipper (one of our founding fathers) and please, please voice your support by submitting a supportive comment.

There is an opportunity to get some new playing fields for the growing village of Cringleford and its growing Junior Football Club..

The area available is shown in the map. It is called St Giles Park.

It represents an ideal place to relocate Cringleford Junior Football Club to because we have outgrown Oakfields Road.

To make sure that the recreational space is laid out as proper football pitches and to get the best possible ancillary facilities we need lots of supportive comments to be sent to see below for how to do this.

Planning application 2018/2791 St Giles Park

It is a plus if you have a Cringleford or Keswick address, because the planning application is within South Norfolk, so be sure to give your address at the end of your comment.

If you don’t have a Cringleford address you can still comment but comment as a member of Cringleford Junior Football Club, then give your address.
The main objective is to secure the area identified as a space laid out for football by demonstrating that there is support for such an activity.

Good reasons to support the open space being laid out as football pitches might be ….
Football is very popular in Cringleford.
The Junior Football Club does a great job of keeping young people active.
The JFC is an FA Charter Standard Club and provides a safe and well regulated environment for children to enjoy sport.
The JFC has grown over the years and will continue to do so with all the new housing being built.
The JFC has outgrown its existing space.
The JFC causes parking problems and disruption to residents around Oakfields Rd at peak times and would be better located elsewhere.
An additional indoor community space, such as a well equipped pavilion, would be an asset to the wider community.
You can go on the planning part of the South Norfolk website to make a comment or you can email planning directly just be sure to put the application number in the title and state your address with your comment. we are looking for as much positive comment as possible.

Let’s fill up the planning inbox with encouragement!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of the above and please submit a supportive comment as this will guarantee the future of our club for not only our children but generations to come.