Only 35 Days away from our Presentation which is taking place on the 16th June 2018 (11am-2pm) at Cringleford Rec.

-Our MC for the day is Ian Cotton

-In control of the medal ceremony is Morgan Marshall

-In Control of the Inflatables is Dave Sharred and Cringleford U16’s

-The BBQ’s are booked, thanks to the scouts for their support with this.

-We need help in the following.

Cooking/cleaning of BBQ’s (Please contact Clare Guffogg)

Raffle Prizes-In the past we have had fantastic support from all in the football club and again this year we are looking for support within the club to provide us with some prizes for our Raffle in our presentation, If anyone would be kind enough to volunteer to provide a prize, we would greatly appreciate your support.

All managers please contact Clare regarding Medals and Trophies for your squads.

-A draw will be made for the squads order of going through to receive medals which will be announced on the morning.

Posted (12/05/2018)

Our website will be down for maintenance to allow us to update the site ready for the 2018-19 season- this will mean the website will be down between he following Dates-

After the presentation on the 16th June until 29th June at 9pm

Many Thanks

Morgan Marshall, Media Officer

Posted (12/05/2018)

-Too all coaches-

We are now accepting nominations for the Paul Curtis Award, Please inform Clare of any nominations for this award.

This award is giving to a person or a family who has supported the club over the past 12 months in a extra ordinary way.

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