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Cringelford JFC Membership/Registration & Fees for 2021-22


Cringelford JFC membership fee 2021-22

Firstly I would like to inform all, that it costs between £28,000 – £34,000 per year to run Cringleford JFC.

The football clubs committee agreed that the fee for 2021-22 should increase by £10 to £100. This decision was unanimous.

The committee recognised that neither of the last two football seasons have been completed and wished to explain the reason for the increase.

The clubs main expenses are our pitch fees, FA affiliation fees, league fees, playing kit and playing/training equipment.

To date the club have not received any rebates for playing fees and we have continued to support all the squads with playing kit and playing equipment.

We have lost around £5,000 income from our café, this funds our referee fees and coaches development.

Due to Cricket taking over the Rec some of our teams have played matches at alternative venues at a financial cost to the club.

The committee will not put the financial stability of the club at risk and are aware of a need to purchase new goals for the coming season, this is at least a £3,000 cost to the club.

The new £100 membership offers football at less than £3.00 per week. The committee feels this is very good value for money.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope the difficulties we have all endured over the last two seasons are behind us and we can look forward to a fresh start in September.


Dave Sharred 

Cringleford JFC Chairman.