Welcome to Cringleford Junior Football Club

A message from the Cringleford Junior Football Club Committee


Dear Parent/Guardian,

What a fantastic year we have had in the end following two years of broken seasons and bit part stop-start football. A big thank you to all those involved in supporting the club during these difficult times for all. Our goal will always be to enable junior football to thrive in a safe environment for children. To do this we strive to have top quality facilities, kit, and coaching to ensure our players have fun whilst learning and developing this great game of football. Our committee have made some commitments to ensure the club continues with its principles in the coming seasons. This communication will bring you up to date on our plans and some of the cost implications and decisions we have made to ensure this happens.

We currently have 22 squads playing matches at Cringleford Recreation Ground and most of these squads also train at the Rec. Having so many squads at the Rec has caused it to be overused by the football club for several years now. The committee has always done everything it can to keep all our squads playing in Cringleford. This year the amount of footfall on the pitches has meant games have been called off due to damage to the Pitches.

Working with the Football Association we have committed to improve the Cringleford Recreation Ground Pitches with expert ground specialists engaged to improve the playing surface. This will ensure improved drainage and quality ground and grass care.

We have approached Cringleford Parish Council to request we use the Willow Centre pitch to play 9v9 fixtures for the coming season. This is now agreed, and we now have an extra football field in Cringleford available for us to utilise. This will reduce the burden on one of our pitches by around 50-60 matches per year. In addition, for the future, during the coming year we hope to have access to a new full-size pitch at St Giles Park, part of the new Cringleford Housing development. Whilst this as a playing venue is in its infancy, once open we hope a top-quality playing surface for our 11 a side teams will aid the burden on the main pitch.

It is essential for the Football club to invest in its future and each of these exciting developments come at a cost. The ground surface improvements at the Rec will have a cost and there will also be a cost implication as we will have to pay extra pitch fees to the Parish Council for use of the Willow Centre pitch, and St. Giles Park. In addition, for each venue we will have to supply goals and equipment. The total costs of these will be items will be in the tens of thousands. New goals cost on average around £3,500 per set (2 goals) the club have recently had to purchase 2 sets of these goals and expect to purchase another 2 or possibly 3 sets within the next 12 months

Playing Kit and Equipment
Cost of our playing kit has over time increased, and we have been researching ways to reduce this cost but increase the quality. We have changed our main kit and equipment supplier from Errea to Joma. We now use a Joma Playing kit and this is significantly better quality for the cost incurred and has made us significant savings. The cost of purchasing playing equipment footballs, bibs, cones, and training equipment etc always increases year on year though in line with inflation. We will endeavour to supply every player with top quality kit to enable them to play football matches and train in the best environment possible.

The Covid 19 Pandemic has seen a substantial drop in sponsorship offers to the club. Our younger groups often had parents running their own companies who would consistently offer sponsorship for their child’s squad. This unfortunately is less prevalent for the for the last couple of difficult years. We always welcome Companies or Individuals willing to support the club with sponsorship be it as a squad or a club sponsor, however without this important income stream the club are purchasing kits for squads without sponsorship. Anyone wishing to sponsor the Club, or an individual squad please contact any of our committee for assistance.

Membership Fees
The above leads on to our plans for membership fees for the coming year. Research by a sub-committee of the club regarding playing fees across the county junior football clubs has been very informative. We have found similar clubs in the same football league are charging significantly higher fees to play at their club. We have seen that some clubs are charging signing on fees plus weekly match and training fees. Whilst the research saw most clubs having higher fees than CJFC some were more than double with inferior environments to play football. Although always a mixed bag, we believe we are one of the best value clubs to play football, train and equip our youngsters

So, with the investments detailed above in the current and future seasons and Inflation rate of 7% it is with deep regret that the committee has agreed unanimously to increase our membership fees for the coming season. Cringleford Junior Football Club membership fees for all members of the playing squads will be increased to £120 for the season 2022/23.

The club would be nothing without the families and players that support us. We are always happy to speak to any Parent or Guardian struggling in the current economic climate in confidence with our Welfare officer.

We appreciate your time in reading this and hopefully we have detailed our plans and improvements for the coming season. We hope for another season with our children playing football, developing skills, and having the most fun possible with a ball.
Thank you in advance.

Cringleford JFC Committee