Our Squads – 2020/21 season

We have a number of teams ranging from U6 to U18 and a Girls Soccer School, please see below for the full list and contact details.

Under 6 (school year 1) Steven Jennings 07725070283, ejjennings72@talktalk.net

Under 7 (school year 2) Steven Jennings 07725070283, ejjennings72@talktalk.net

Under 9’s (school year 3) contact details coming soon

Under 9’s (school year 4) 
(U9’s Tigers) Garry Barton 07775 040052, cringleford_tigers@yahoo.com
(U9’s Lions) Duncan Cole 07787 128327, duncan.cole@hotmail.co.uk
(U9’s Panthers) Lee Alder 07921137001, alderlee13@gmail.com
(U9’s Dragons) Dan Brown 07976 807748, daniel.brown@lifetimetraining.co.uk

Under 10’s (school year 5)
(U10’s Development) Howard Gayle, howard_gale@mac.com
(U10’s Tigers) Chris Sharman 07789 274998, chris@sharman.film
(U10’s Lions) Steve Smith 07786 234995, steve9smith@btinternet.com

Under 11’s (school year 6)
(U11’s Rovers) Morgan Marshall 07827 293179, morganmarshall.coaching@gmail.com
(U11’s Rangers) Alex Dawson 07941 787662, alexjdawson@gmail.com
(U11’s Rebels) Stuart Rushmore 07547 254801, s.rushworth@uea.ac.uk

Under 12’s (school year 7)
(U12’s Warriors) Gareth Vlotman 07866385023, volt-man@hotmail.co.uk
(U12’s Rangers) Ian Dutson 07484307519, the.dutman@yahoo.co.uk
(U12’s Rovers) Glen Matten 07971826432, glen@glenmatten.com

Under 13’s (school year 8)
(U13’s Thunder) Rob Jackets 007939007743, robjackets@yahoo.co.uk
(U13’s Lightning) Miles Atkins 07747772246, miles@atkinspropertyservices.co.uk

Under 15’s (school year 10) Simon Bowdler 07704990461, simonbowdler@gmail.com

Under 16’s (school year 11) Zac D’rosario 07779 604097, zacdee@btinternet.com

Under 18’s contact details coming soon

Girls Soccer School- If you are interested in joining our Girls Soccer School,  Please contact Ian Leather 07984 344097, ianleather@gmail.com