Under 10’s and 11’s

Under 10’s (School year 5)

Under 10’s Rovers are coached by Glenn Matten and Kristian Boreham
Under 10’s Rangers are coached by Ian Dutson and Martin Plunkett
Under 10’s Wanderers are coached by Gareth Vlotman and Mark Valpied
Contact details for Rangers is Ian Dutson 0771 993 3181, the.dutman@yahoo.co.uk
Contact details for the Rovers is Glenn Matten 07971 826432, glen@glenmatten.com
Contact details for the Wanderers is Gareth Vlotman 07866 385023, volt-man@hotmail.co.uk

Under 11’s (School year 6)

Our Under 11’s are led by Miles Atkins (Head Coach) who oversees the running of both Under 11 squads:
U11’s Thunder are coached by Rob Jackets and Rob Dack
U11’s Lightning are coached by Miles Atkins and Peter Curtis

Contact details Miles Atkins 07747 772246, miles@atkinspropertyservices.co.uk