Under 12’s and 13’s

2017-18 Season

Under 12’s (School Year 7)

Main contact for the Under 12’s is Paul Adams who can be reached on 07734 936456
• Under 12’s Lions
Manager: Paul Adams 07734936456 or paulwadams1@gmail.com
Administration/Communications: Simon Bowdler 07704990461 or simonbowdler@gmail.com

• Under 12’s Tigers
Manager:Jeff Page 07790736352 or jeffpage321@icloud.com
Administration: Kai Davey 07917463063 or kai.davey@btinternet.com

Under 13’s (School Year 8)

• Under 13’s Titans
Our under 13’s Titans are coached by Natalie Palmer and Debbie Downing
You can contact Natalie at natalie_palmer_3@hotmail.com
• Under 13’s Marvels
Our under 13’s marvels are coached by Neil Reeds.
To contact Neil email him at nippereeds@Yahoo.co.uk